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100th Anniversary Lectures and Special Symposiums

100th Anniversary Lectures

March 30th (9:10 -10:20)

Aobayama Commons

1.  Half Century with Agricultural Economics as a Modest Social Science

​  Shinichi SHOGENJI (Nippon Agricultural Research Institute)

2.  The Future of Agriculture and the Position of Agricultural Economics in Japan

     Osamu KOYAMA (Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences)

Special Symposiums

March 30th (10:50 -15:10)

Aobayama Commons 


Graduate School of Environmental Studies Building

General theme

 “Future Missions of Japanese Agricultural Economics” 

Co-chairpersons:   Fusao ITO (Tohoku University) and Kan HIGASHIYAMA (Hokkaido University) 

Discussant: Yasuhiro NAKASHIMA (The University of Tokyo)

Language: Japanese


Symposium I

(Morning) 10:50 ~ 12:30

(Symposium I and II will be held in parallel)


“Missions of Agricultural Economics Reflecting International Contexts: Transition to a Sustainable Society”

Co-chairpersons:  Kae SEKINE (Aichi Gakuin University) and Yuko NAKANO (University of Tsukuba)

Discussant:   Takashi KUROSAKI (Hitotsubashi University)

1. International Contexts of Food Security: Emerging Risks and Uncertainties

Tatsuji KOIZUMI (Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

2. International Contexts of the Environment and Climate Change: Sustainability of Agriculture and Rural Society, and Energy Issues

Sawako SHIGETO (The Graduate School of Project Design)

3. International Contexts of Development Studies: Development and Challenges of Experimental Methods

Nina TAKASHINO (Ritsumeikan University)

Symposium II

(Morning) 10:50 ~ 12:30

(Symposium I and II will be held in parallel)


“Missions of Policy Studies within Agricultural Economics”

Chairperson:  Daizo KOJIMA (The University of Tokyo)

Discussant:  Hideki HAGIWARA (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

1. Research Design for Policy Studies: Focusing on the Significance and Methods of Qualitative Empirical Analysis

Takumi SAKUYAMA (Meiji University)

2. Supply and Demand of Evidence on Agricultural Policy

Kentaro KAWASAKI (The University of Tokyo)

3. Research Agenda of National Agricultural Policy Research Institutes in the World and Development of New Research Methods

Hiroki SASAKI (Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

4. “Leadership in Japan’s Farming” and Farm Policy: Focusing on Rice Policy

Kunio NISHIKAWA (Ibaraki University)

Symposium III

13:30 ~ 15:10

(Symposium III and IV will be held in parallel)


“Missions of Agricultural Economics from a Historical Perspective”

Chairperson: Atsushi ITO (Kyoto University)

Discussant: Kyoko NOMOTO (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

1. Strategy for Sustainable Food Systems (MIDORI) and Missions of Agricultural Economics/History

Yohei KOJIMA (The University of Tokyo)

2. Potential of Agricultural Economics: Considerations from its History

Tatsushi FUJIHARA (Kyoto University)

3. A Modern History of Flower Cultivation and Consumption: A Study of Social and Family Transformation

Noriko YUZAWA (Hosei University)

Symposium IV

13:30 ~ 15:10

(Symposium III and IV will be held in parallel)




“Missions of Education in Agricultural Economics”

Co-chairpersons: Akiko KIYOHARA (Fukuyama City University) and Kiyokazu UJIIE (University of Tsukuba)

Discussants: Toshinobu MATSUDA (Tottori University) and Masaya NAKATSUKA (Kobe University)

1. The Role of Agricultural Economics in the New Food and Agricultural Sciences Field

Ryota KOYAMA (Fukushima University)

2. Internationalization of Higher Education in Agricultural Economics

Shigekazu KAWASHIMA (Miyagi University)

3. Statistical Literacy in Agricultural Economics

Tomoaki NAKATANI (The University of Tokyo)

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